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We all know that Asian chicks are perverted and love the feeling of warm cum on their faces. However in the next free farang ding dong videos we have the pleasure to see in action one of the bustyest and kinkiest asian girl. Click here and watch her in action – working on that fat cock and swallowing all the jizz she gets. And trust us when we say, that you just need to see this superb and lovely cutie in action as she gets to have that hard and huge cock all to herself today too.

Just take the time to fully watch this sexy video with the lovely and cute lady and see her taking the guy’s cock out as soon as the scene starts off. You get to watch her sucking and slurping on it with a passion today and rest assured that it’s quite the scene to see as usual. Just take the time to sit back and watch the cute babe using her juicy lips to deep throat and slurp on the nice and big cock for the whole afternoon today and at the end of it, see her face blasted with a big jizz load too. Have fun guys!


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Click here and enjoy our large farang dingdong picture and video collection filled with slutty asian chicks getting facialized with large creamy loads. We thought that this week you would appreciate a nice and sexy little compilation of scenes, and the theme of it is jizz blasts to the face. In this you can see the sexy and hot babes that we had here thus far taking some nice and big creamy loads on their cute faces today. So let’s get started without due.


Like we said, you will most surely recognize the majority of the babes and we bet that you will love seeing them get a nice and big jizz blast to the face today. That’s all there is to it. So take your time to see watch and every one of this lovely cutie as they work a nice and big meat shaft, and then see their cute and lovely faces covered in a nice and big layer of jizz for the afternoon too. We will be taking our leave for now and we’ll see you next week with some more amazing and hot updates.

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Farang Ding Dong – Ann

Hey there everyone, farang ding dong is back and this time, with style. Ann here is a very pretty and busty girl, featuring a killer pair of monster tits. You can be sure that these things are the stuff of every guy’s dreams and and if she has a boyfriend, he’s one hell of a lucky guy. Until the next update enjoy another one of our fresh babes coming to you with one superb and sexy update as she gets to show off that pait of enormous melons for the whole afternoon and various kinky outfits too.

We sure hope that Ann will satisfy you with her scene, but taking a look at her very hot body and those enormous tits, we can say for sure that she most likely will. So have your fun and watch her in action as she gets to expose those amazingly big and round melons to you in this nice and hot afternoon update today. So let’s just sit back and relax as this cute little lady gets to show off her sexy tits for you shall we? we’ll see you once more next week with fresh content!


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Duan exposing her phenomenal boobs

Duan was here before at farang ding dong and she agreed to come back for another update on our awesome site. She knows you guys loved her and her giant breasts last time she posed, and she felt like she needed to please her viewers once again. So without further due, feast your eyes on Duan once again. Well you guys wanted to see more of her, so here she is once more, huge tits and sexy clothes as well. Let’s see her in action without delay shall we?


The superb and cute teen head that you guys just loved her in her last scene, so she wanted to pose some more and show off her big and juicy tits for you guys. And once more she comes here trying various outfits for you, and without a bra of course. And naturally the enormous tits can barely be held by her clothes, so they stick out no matter what she wears. Enjoy seeing the amazing babe in action, and watch her showing off her superb tits to you today guys and gals!

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Farang Ding Dong – Pat

Farang ding dong is pleased to bring you another set of monster tits for your entertainment. And today’s tits belong to Pat another sexy Asian from Ding Dong land. Her giant boobs make guys hit on her all the time according to her, and how could they not, just look at those things, you just want to gaze at them as much as you can! Well Pat will surely be coming back once more in the future, but she’s a rather busty little babe, so it’s not sure when she’ll be back with more.

So that’s why you should watch her superbly hot and sexy scene today to see her in action as she gets to display her big sexy boobs for you guys. She starts off outdoors with her sexy red shirt, and then moves inside more some more kinky outfits to show off. Of course we’re talking about lingerie, and it just made her look even more cute and sexy. Watch her showing off her private lingerie collection too along her nice and big tits and have fun with the scene!


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Tiny girl gets her boobs squeezed

Kwan is yet another familiar face that will grace your eyes today. This sexy kitty was very happy when she heard that you, her fans asked us time and time again if she’ll be back. And you can breathe easy now, she came back not wanting to let you guys down and you can see some very hot and sexy breast fondling too. Well as we said, you got to see sexy miss Kwan in the past as well, and this week she comes back with some more superb scenes for you guys to enjoy for the afternoon.


As another fresh week started, there was no way we were passing the chance to bring you this lovely babe along with her amazing scene today. Take the time to see this superb little teen and petite babe as she tries on various clothes to cover up those amazingly big and round tits of hers, and see her juicy jugs squeezed by this lucky guy and watch some white milk dribble from them as well. We know you will love her update, so we will be seeing you guys next week once more!

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Enormous boobs squeezed in a tiny bra

The latest farang ding dong galleries feature Laya. A super busty teen with a super playful personality and imagination. For this shoot she dressed in all kinds of suits that just seemed more and more provoking. Our favorite is the tiny silver swimsuit one. Which one’s yours? Take a look at this gallery and make a choice of what kind of clothes that you like to see this babe more in, as she will be wearing it for sure in her next sexy and hot update when she returns.

Laya, begins with showing off a sexy and hot pink sling bikini to get the hotness to a nice level first. Then she shows off a superbly sexy see through top, and that continues as she then wears more sexy small tops that barely cover up her enormous breasts today. And last but not least, she shows off a metallic silver swimsuit that just made her look sizzling hot as well. Anyway, we hope that you liked it, and make sure that you choose wisely everyone. We will see you guys next week as well!


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Farang Ding Dong – Bee

Bee is yet another newcomer here at farang ding dong. And along with a pretty face and a slender build she brought along a very big pair of tits. When we heard her name and saw her tits, we immediately though that she should be the queen of big tits just as a bee queen is the queen of bees. Enjoy the view everyone and see the sexy Bee as she gets to have some fun activities as well for this afternoon in adition to showing you those nice and gigantic breasts today.


The scene starts in her back yard as she takes the time to show you her white top and how it fits over her gigantic tits, but then she moves inside as she has some more private views to show off to you. In addition to seeing her display those amazing melons of hers you can also watch the super busty babe as she slides her hand in her panties and moans in pleasure as she finger fucks herself and rubs her sweet pussy too. Enjoy and have fun with it as always!

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Farang Ding Dong – Annie

Yet another busty model finds her way back to our farang ding dong updates. This time it’s Annie, the busty teen that every one of you loved before. With such a cute face and a pair of gigantic boobs like her , it’s hard not to like her really. So just enjoy this sexy lady pose around and tease in today’s free gallery! Well Annie here just loves to take on kinky clothes that barely get to cover her huge tits, and you get to see the lovely and cute babe as she gets to show it off for you.

Annie is a very cute and horny little Asian babe that has a petite body, and some of the hugest tits that you can ever see. So let’s see her taking on various outfits to show off how her big round tits try to escape each and every top that she wears. We know that you will adore the show and rest assured that there’s quite a lot to see of her tits literally. So just have fun and enjoy her scene as she shows off her big round breasts and have fun with it in this nice afternoon!


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Lovely Ling plays with her juggs

Well, you asked for it, and farang ding dong delivered her. Ling is back along with her monster pair of boobs. We told her that you, asked if she’d ever be back to pose, along with her gigantic pair of tits. And when she heard how much love you guys showed she couldn’t refuse doing another shoot. Enjoy this fresh update and see this cutie along with her mega tits as she gets to play and enjoy herself for this whole afternoon today. So let’s see her in action.


As you know, the sexy and adorable babe Ling is a very eager little lady, and she always loves to play kinky when she has the chance. Today she gets to have some more fun showing off her massive jugs for you as she goes about posing around the house. Take the time to sit back and watch her humongous tits hang out of each and every clothing that she takes on. And we know that you will adore seeing her tits again too. We’ll be seeing you once more next week!

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